Featured Artist at the Meeker Championship Sheepdog Trials

Bide A Wee, Girl, 20″ x 24″, unframed. Specially Priced at only $475

My painting, Bide A Wee, Girl, was chosen to be featured on art posters and promo materials for the Meeker Championship Sheepdog Trials held in Meeker, Colorado in September. I’m thrilled to be invited to sign posters at the Trials & can’t wait to watch world-class dogs at work. But, there is a back-story to this painting that you should know….

These dogs were part of a sheepherding demonstration and were on the sidelines as their own pups worked the sheep. A local farmer and his wife were giving the demo, and none of that is unusual at all until you know that the man talking to the crowd had prosthetic arms.

The man had lost both hands in a horrible farm accident not two weeks after he’d retired from his job in town. The crowd hushed as he told his story, and just as we all started to feel awful for what that poor man must have endured, he told how someone had given him a border collie puppy. And his spirits began to rise…

As time went on, he found out all that his wonderful dog could do….he found that he could work his fields and his flocks as well as any other man, and he…was…FREE. Free of disability, free of hardship, free as that beautiful black and white dog running across that fresh green grass.

So, when you look at this painting, I hope you’ll thrill to the little dog’s enthusiasm, and that you’ll remember how these dogs, these amazing, intelligent, incredible dogs, set us all free.

Please come join me at the Meeker on Thursday, September 7th!

Signed art posters are available for $10~